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Most birth preparation classes prepare you for a standard delivery. The only problem is: most deliveries are no standard deliveries.

In our Birth Preparation Bootcamp, we show you and your birth partner how to make it through labor with basic AND advanced techniques, tools, positions and treatments.

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Once your baby is born, our Healthy Lions Club helps you help your baby naturally by teaching you natural treatments based on alternative medicine approaches!

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We have helped hundreds of pregnant women prepare for labor and to make it through labor in the most natural ways possible and based on the most recent scientific research.

And we have helped hundreds of parents to help their babies naturally with all kinds of typical baby-related issues, like baby constipation, baby colic, teething, poor or lack of appetite, tummy ache, diarrhea, cold, cough and many more problems!

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How to increase the Oxygen Supply to the Baby in the Womb

During your pregnancy, there is a constant supply of oxygen to your baby. But what pregnant women often don’t know is that there are certain things that can reduce the oxygen supply to the baby. Luckily though, there are also very simple ways to increase the oxygen...

Best sitting Position to help Baby find a good Position in the Womb

As they approach the end of their pregnancy, many moms-to-be start to worry. How should they help baby find a good position for labor? What about turning baby head down? What if baby is posterior? And how should I help baby engage in my pelvis?So, how can you help...

Pregnancy Vitamins: What Nutrients does a Fetus need & what Foods should I eat?

This blog post adds to our video on youtube in which we go through our list of the 9 most important micronutrients every fetus needs. If you have not watched our video so far, we recommend doing that first:Below, you can find a list of all the nutrients that we...

How to keep moving with an epidural

This blog posts adds to the video "8 reasons why labor can stall and what to do about it". In that video, among others, we explain the "roll-over technique from Penny Simkin (see sources below) which allows a woman to keep moving even when she is confined to bed....

How to keep track of Baby’s Movements

If your baby is active in your womb, then it is a sign that your baby is well. Because of that, most doctors recommend counting your baby's kicks from week 28 of your pregnancy onwards. In this brief blog post, we want to explain how you can keep track of your baby's...

How to relieve Pelvic Girdle Pain during Pregnancy

This blog post complements the information from our video on youtube on how to relieve pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy. In that video, we propose 2 ways to relieve pelvic girdle pain: 1. some minor changes in your lifestyle and 2. exercises. While the video...

Are you a good candidate for VBAC?

This blog post is intended to provide additional information apart from what we have mentioned in our video with the title "are you a good candidate for VBAC?" Moreover, on this page, you can find the entire list of scientific research studies which this video is...

The Purple Line – Find Out If You Are Dilating

The purple line can tell a woman if and how much she is dilated. So in this blogpost, we explain how to find out if you are dilating and how much you are approximately dilated.

How Effective Is Reflexology to Induce Labor?

Many women in their late pregnancy hope that reflexology can help them induce labor naturally. And indeed, reflexology is ONE of the tools that I apply to help women go into labor.So, how effective is reflexology to induce labor? Reflexology could help you induce...

Best Sleeping Position To Turn A Breech Baby (with Pictures)

Most babies turn at night. But unfortunately, not every sleeping position provides the baby with enough room to turn. As a result, many babies remain in a breech presentation. Luckily though, sleeping in the right position can support baby turn head down.So, what is...

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