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Most birth preparation classes prepare you for a standard delivery. The only problem is: most deliveries are no standard deliveries.

In our Birth Preparation Bootcamp, we show you and your birth partner how to make it through labor with basic AND advanced techniques, tools, positions and treatments.

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Once your baby is born, our Healthy Lions Club helps you help your baby naturally by teaching you natural treatments based on alternative medicine approaches!

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We have helped hundreds of pregnant women prepare for labor and to make it through labor in the most natural ways possible and based on the most recent scientific research.

And we have helped hundreds of parents to help their babies naturally with all kinds of typical baby-related issues, like baby constipation, baby colic, teething, poor or lack of appetite, tummy ache, diarrhea, cold, cough and many more problems!

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Signs Of Constipation In Babies (0-24 Months)

This blogpost informs about the signs of constipation in babies, given a baby’s diet and age. It also informs about what’s normal in terms of her bowel movements.

Home Remedies For Baby Constipation (Guide 0-24 Months)

This blogpost informs about home remedies for baby constipation! It also helps parents to pick the right remedy, given the fact that not each remedy is equally efficient and suitable given a baby’s age.

What Causes Constipation in Babies?

This blogpost informs about the 8 most important factors which can cause constipation in babies. We analyze each factor from a scientific and practical point of view.

Best First Baby Foods To Avoid Digestive Issues (4-24 Months)

Choosing the best first baby foods is based on three factors. This blogpost informs about what these factors are. It also provides a list of best first baby foods depending on your baby’s age. Finally, it serves as a foods guide for babies up to 24 months of age in order to avoid digestive issues.

Baby Foods That Help With Constipation (0-24 Months)

This blog post informs about foods that babies can eat depending on their age in order to prevent and/or relieve constipation.

12 Ways To Prevent Colic In Babies During Pregnancy

This blog post explains the 12 things that pregnant women can try to prevent colic in their baby.

7 Reasons Why Breastfed Babies Can Get Colic

This blog post summaries the 7 reasons why exclusively breastfed babies can get colic. It also gives practical advice on what to do in order to prevent baby colic.

Anti-Colic Diets For Breastfeeding Mothers: Do They Work?

This blog post summarizes what we currently know about the effect of a breastfeeding mother’s on baby colic. Moreover, it educates about what foods not to eat while breastfeeding a colic baby (according to scientists) and what mothers need to consider before making a decision if they should restrict their diet or not.

Baby Constipation And Bananas: When Can Babies Eat Them?

This blog post informs about the circumstances under which bananas can cause constipation in babies and when they can actually relieve it.

Do Avocados Make Babies Constipated?

Avocados usually do not make a baby constipated. However, because they are a “cool” food according to TCM, they can cause constipation if the baby’s diet is cool in general.

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