Prunes Puree | Baby Constipation Recipe


Suitable Age

13 – 24 Months

Intended Purpose

Baby Constipation

Preparation Time

10 min Soaking
5 min Preparation

Prunes puree is a highly effective natural baby constipation remedy (if not THE most effective). Not only do prunes contain lots of dietary fiber, they also contain lots of sorbitol, which is a natural laxative.

With that said, please do keep in mind that prunes contain lots of sugar! That is why they are not recommended for babies who are younger than 13 months of age. Moreover, prunes should be fed in moderation and only to serve a particular purpose (f.e. constipation relief).

If – despite the high sugar content – you decided to go ahead and feed your baby prunes puree, please make sure that you stick to the feeding recommendation at the bottom of the page!


10 Prunes

Sterile Water: 
If you don’t have sterile water, cook water first and then leave it to cool.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Add the prunes to a bowl

Step 2

Add just enough sterile water to cover the prunes. Then let the prunes soak, ideally overnight, but at least for 30 minutes

Step 3: 

Add everything to a blender (inlcuding the soaking water) and blend

Step 4:

You can either feed the puree immediately or store for later.

Feeding Recommendation

Please keep in mind that prunes contain lots of sugar. So they should really just be fed as a means of constipation relief!

Babies 13 to 24 months of age:

1.5 – 2 tbs on empty stomach in the morning (depending on desired effect)

1.5  – 2 tbs on empty stomach in the afternoon (depending on desired effect)


Nathalie Kaufmann

Nathalie has 15+ years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture, reflexology, Shonishin baby massage techniques, Western and Eastern massage techniques (including TUINA), as well as herbal medicine and nutrition.

She has a degree in TCM (including nutrition) and a postgraduate diploma in Herbal Medicine. Moreover, Nathalie used to work for the highly respected Asante Academy in North London and was in charge of the Maternity Acupuncture Clinic at the Whittington hospital in London. She is also a member of the British Acupuncture Council, the official regulatory body for TCM in the UK.

Today, Nathalie runs her own company and has a broad customer base in London, where she specializes in the treatment of babies and children as well as gynecologic and fertility-related issues in women.


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