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How to support your Body and Baby during Labor with the right Breathing Techniques and how you should NOT breathe during Labor

What you will learn in this Webinar:

Most women believe that breathing techniques for labor are just esoteric hocus pocus that – at best – help you stay more relaxed during labor.

As a result, most women, particularly women who have plans to have an epidural, do not even look into breathing techniques in preparation for labor.

However, in our free mini birthing webinar, we are going to show (and prove to) you that breathing techniques are a very powerful tool that allows you to support your body, your baby and your labor in many different ways.

So, here is what you will learn in this 35 minutes webinar:

First, we will introduce you to two very simple but highly effective breathing techniques for your labor!

Next, we will use a measurement device in order to

  • compare our breathing techniques to “bad” breathing techniques
  • show you how your breathing negatively/positively influences your body and your labor, no matter if you have an epidural or not.
  • show you what happens if you don’t care about your breathing at all

Based on those measurements, we will then teach you how to use your breathing to

  • reduce the level of stress hormones in your body (which often have a negative impact on labor hormones)
  • improve your stress management system in general
  • help your body produce more labor hormones to dilate faster
  • keep labor going (which is particularly relevant if you have plans to have an epidural!)
  • activate your body’s own pain management system
  • support your baby’s descent in your pelvis and birth canal
  • increase the oxygen supply to your baby during a contraction and thus to reduce the likelihood of a drop in baby’s heart rate (which often leads to medical interventions)
  • and much more!

Finally, you will also have the opportunity to download our “Breathing Handout” at the end of our free webinar.

In our Handout, you will find lots of additional useful information, such as

  • breathing exercises
  • the best timing to apply breathing techniques during a contraction
  • the effect of your breathing on your pelvic floor (highly relevant for the pushing phase!!)
  • how to check if the oxygen supply to your baby is optimal
  • and much more!

So, go ahead, sign up for our free mini birthing course – if you like!

The entire webinar takes about 35 minutes! And what you will learn can be a lifesaver during your labor!

We look forward to welcoming you in the webinar!


Nathalie and Mathias

Presented by

Nathalie Kaufmann, Pregnancy & Birth Consultant for natural Birthing and TCM Therapist

Mathias Ritter, Researcher and Science Geek

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