About Us

Hello and welcome to CareAboutLittleOnes! 😉

We are Nathalie and Mathias, two Austrians who have left their country a long time ago in order to live, study and work in places like Zurich, Oslo, Amsterdam, and (currently) London.

Nathalie has been helping people, but in particular pregnant women and babies, for more than 20 years with alternative medicine therapies (see BIO below). However, ever since she landed a job as Head of the Maternity Acupuncture Clinic at the Whittington Hospital in London, she has been working as a pregnancy and birth consultant for natural birthing in addition to what she has been doing.

Mathias started his career in Project Management and Finance. But thanks to his two Master of Science degrees, he is well familiar with statistics and mathematics which has allowed him to focus on research-related work too. In that function, he has always supported Nathalie in her work to help her find the best possible treatments for her clients based on scientific evidence. (We are talking about REAL scientific evidence – not the BS they often try to sell us as science these days).

Eventually, they both teamed up to found Care About Little Ones.

Our mission is to help you and your baby in the most natural way possible based on scientific evidence. We do this online – on youtube and in our courses.”

On our YouTube Channel, you can find lots of (Science-based) Videos on Pregnancy-, Labor-, Birth-, Postpartum- as well as Baby-related Topics!

Our Mission on YouTube is the same as elsewhere: we want to help you and your Baby in the most natural Way possible!

We founded the Healthy Lions Club in order to teach you natural Ways to help your Little Ones in the Comfort of your own Home! In our Club, we teach you Things like Shonishin, Baby Massage Treatments and many more natural Things to support your Baby’s Health!

Most Birth Preparation Classes prepare you for a Standard Delivery. The only Problem is: most Deliveries are not Standard Deliveries.

In our Birth Preparation Bootcamp, we show you and your Birth Partner how to prepare for the Delivery of your Baby and how to make it through Labor with basic AND advanced Techniques, Tools, Positions and Treatments.

And the best Thing is: you can pay whatever you want to join!


“Helping you in the most natural way possible based on scientific evidence”!

This is us!

Nathalie is an alternative medicine therapist with 20+ years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Herbal Medicine, Reflexology, Shonishin, Massage Treatments, Natural Birth Preparation and Nutrition. She has a degree in TCM and has worked in several NHS hospitals across London. She is a birth eduactor, a member of Lamaze (the largest network of childbirth educators) and has attended their seminars.

She was also Head of the Maternity Acupuncture Clinic at the Whittington Hospital in London where she managed a team of therapists to help pregnant women with all kinds of pregnancy-related issues and to prepare them for labor and birth (and to help them through labor and birth).

Ever since then, she has been working as a Pregnancy and Birth Consultant for natural birth preparation and natural birthing. She runs her own business in London where she offers alternative therapies. She specializes in treating pregnancy and baby-related issues and helps women prepare for labor and to get through labor in the most natural way possible.

Mathias is a science geek who holds two Master of Science in Finance degrees from 2 top European Business Schools (BI Norwegian School of Management and Amsterdam Business School). After quitting his job in finance, he got involved in health-related businesses and research. In the course of his work, he has held presentations about health-related topics across Europe. He loves doing research and reading scientific reports.

Cayden is our baby massage treatment expert! He has not only had Shonishin and TCM-based massage treatments on a daily basis since he was born. He also started using the Shonisin tools on himself (no joke). Most importantly though, he is our sunshine and it is never boring with him!

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